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2024-01-13Generate Obsidan Page From Browser Bookmarks
2021-06-12Fetching Stock Symbols
2020-09-27Apache NiFi in a Container With X.509 Certificate Authentication
2020-09-12Using direnv To Customize Your Environment Per Directory
2020-08-27Using KeyBase To Generate Secure IAM User Passwords With Terraform
2020-08-23How Can I Get More Detail About Connection Refused Message In Ingress Nginx Controller Pod?
2020-08-22Add OIDC Using KeyCloak To Kubernetes For User-based Authentication
2020-07-26Use Kubernetes init container to Git Clone and provide mounted directory
2020-07-26How To Add AWS Encryption Provider To KubeSpray-based Kubernetes Cluster
2020-07-11Remediations For kube-bench Findings
2020-07-09Run KubeBench on KubeSpray Cluster
2020-06-28Provision CentOS-based Kubernetes Cluster On AWS With KubeSpray
2020-06-25Running MindPoint Group RHEL7 STIG On Centos
2020-06-20Running OPENSCAP (OSCAP) on Fedora CoreOS
2020-06-12Add AWS SSM Agent on Fedora CoreOS
2020-06-11Using Eureka REST API For Python Service
2020-03-24Using Boto3 To Create NS Hosted Zone Record Set
2018-10-15Provisioning SonarQube With CloudFormation
2018-05-21OpenShift (with Docker) on Centos 7 inside Virtualbox
2018-03-15Simple Template Example for Go
2018-03-07Environment Variables Available In AWS Lambda Go
2018-02-15python wtforms - handling dynamic fields
2017-10-14Goodreads - Using Python To List To Read Shelf
2017-09-03List Deleteable Security Groups
2017-04-14Unable to Connect with AWS Managed Elasticseach - SOLVED
2017-02-05From the past, Version Control and XML Documents
2016-12-10Running Shibboleth IDP on hyper.sh
2016-11-30Using hyper.sh for software development
2016-11-29Running web server for one dollar a month
2016-08-20Running PostgreSQL on Docker Swarm 1.12
2016-08-19Docker Swarm 1.12 on VirtualBox
2016-08-14Docker Notes
2016-08-09Go Computer Langauge
2016-08-09CKAN - Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network
2016-08-08NATS Messaging
2016-08-07From BASH, how to write to a file inside a Docker Volume
2016-07-30Laravel 'Class log does not exist' RESOLVED
2016-07-19How I Got Hashicorp Vault to Run on Raspberry PI
2016-07-17Docker Swarm 1.12 on PicoCluster
2016-07-05How I Got Apache Spark to Sort Of (Not Really) Work on my PicoCluster of 5 Raspberry PI
2016-06-25How I got Docker Swarm to Run on a Raspberry PI PicoCluster with Consul
2016-06-22How I attached a USB Thumb drive to my Raspberry PI and used it to hold Docker's Root Directory!
2016-06-21How Did I prepare My PicoCluster For Docker Swarm?
2015-08-24Go Program to Read Docker Image List From Unix Socket (/var/run/docker.sock)
2015-04-24Running the NodeJS Example Inside Docker Container
2015-04-23Running NodeJS (and related tools) from a Docker container.
2015-04-20Running Spring Boot inside Docker
2015-04-20Running Maven inside Docker.
2015-04-15Running MySQL on Docker
2014-11-23Using AZUL 7 instead of OpenJDK Java for smaller Docker images.
2014-11-23Is using "lsb_release -cs" a good idea inside a debian:wheezy Dockerfile?
2014-11-22Using Docker to find out what apt-get update does!
2014-11-12Using Docker to Build Brooklyn
2014-10-31Using R to Fetch List of Pokemon Sets.
2014-10-10How do I provide a single file to multiple Docker containers?
2014-09-29Simple Explanation of the MIT D4M Accumulo Schema
2014-07-15Sharing Files Between Docker Images Using Volumes
2014-07-12Running a Single-Node Accumulo Docker container
2014-07-10How find the published port of a Docker container in Java
2014-07-10Finding Log Files Inside Docker Containers
2014-06-10How to Detach From a Running Docker Image
2014-05-25Accumulo BatchScanner With and Without WholeRowIterator
2014-05-25Data Distribution Throughout the Accumulo Cluster
2014-05-19Cardinality Estimation for the D4M Schema in Accumulo
2014-05-02"TDD is Dead" says the creator of Ruby on Rails
2014-04-23How Do I List Octave Packages Available via apt-get?
2014-04-22How to Generate a PGP Key on Headless Unix (also called How to Increase Your Entropy)
2014-04-17Using RMarkdown in an Analysis Archive and Retrieval System
2014-04-16Example of Replacing The Middle of a Time Series in R
2014-04-04Resolving Bad Request In Spring MVC Controller
2014-02-23Writing a nodejs script file
2013-12-02Watching Accumulo Recover From a Killed Master Process In a Multi-Master Configuration.
2013-11-23Reading Accumulo Metadata Table to Learn How Many Entries Are In Each Tablet.
2013-11-22How to Run Accumulo Continuous Testing (well ... some of them)
2013-11-16Using Pig with Accumulo (building on Jason Trost's work)
2013-11-12Using Accumulo Proxy From Python
2013-11-11Watching Accumulo Heal Itself
2013-10-28Vagrant Setup For Three Node Accumulo Cluster
2013-10-24Vagrant - where are ubuntu boxes?
2013-10-23How to Setup Password-less SSH between Vagrant Nodes
2013-10-14What is the default username and password for keystone in OpenStackInstaller?
2013-10-13Getting nova-manage to run in uksysadmin/OpenStackInstaller project.
2013-09-23Technologies Used In Developing Applications Using Apache Accumulo
2013-05-29Using Apache Accumulo as the backing store for Apache Gora - a tutorial
2013-05-24If you use AccumuloRowInputFormat but your job is hung and no scans are running .... you might have forgotten to use values.next().
2013-05-23Pointer to "Jump Point Search Explained" Page
2013-05-14Understanding Markov Networks
2013-05-12Adding a tee command to Accumulo Shell
2013-03-31Example using Accumulo's RegExFilter class
2013-03-30Testing Your GrepIterator Without Running Accumulo
2013-03-27Running Accumulo Unit Tests On Windows
2012-12-29How To Stop Accumulo Debug Messages From Being Logged
2012-12-18SOLVED: add-apt-repository command not found.
2012-11-13Exampe of Storing User and Friends Information in Accumulo
2012-11-12How Can I Use Reverse Sort On Integer (or Long) Accumulo Keys?
2012-11-12How Can I Use Reverse Sort On Generic Accumulo Keys?
2012-10-30Considerations for a Manual Partitioning Strategy in Accumulo
2012-10-16How Many Accumuo Loggers Are Needed Related To Slaves (tserver) Nodes?
2012-10-16How Does the Accumulo Client Find the Correct Tablet Server?
2012-10-02How To Run Multiple Instances of Accumulo on One Hadoop Cluster
2012-10-02How Accumulo Compresses Keys and Values
2012-08-28Stackscript for Accumulo (on Linode)
2012-07-23Resolving the "Permission Denied" Message On Accumulo Monitor Page
2012-07-23Resolving "./zookeeper.out: Permission denied" error
2012-07-12How I Update To A New Version of Accumulo In Development
2012-07-07Installing Accumulo on Linode
2012-06-14Where Are the XSSF POI Classes?
2012-06-11Accumulo: Where is my instance id?
2012-04-21Implement Word Count in Accumulo
2012-04-11Using Accumulo To Calculate Seven Day Rolling Average
2012-04-11Reading A Row With Accumulo
2012-01-01Thinkering - A new meme for 2012
2011-06-17Detecting Unsorted Spring Beans
2011-05-23Free-style Paper Roller-coaster at ReverseSpace.
2011-03-14Handmade Hat for Odyessy of the Mind
2011-01-24Running CEPH on 32bit Ubuntu kernal
2010-09-18Active Relation Explained
2010-09-16Tracking RSPEC Test Execution So Debugging Statements Are Segmented
2010-09-16How Do I Expose the Current RSPEC File and Description
2010-09-12Compiling and Running Hadoop WordCount Example in NetBeans
2010-08-12MonoDevelop Rocks!
2010-07-11Using ImageMagick To Create Horizontally Repeating Background Image
2010-07-01Using module_eval to Define Instance Methods in a Ruby Gem to Enable Per-Model Configuration
2010-06-28Alastrina - a gem to push model changes to twitter
2010-06-21Connecting acts_as_solr and cucumber (resolving the whiny_nil error)
2010-03-22Ubuntu and RocketFish RF-FLBTAD bluetooth dongle
2010-02-09Heroku Tip; Use a Ping or Uptime Service As a Cron Job.
2010-02-09Rails Tip - How Do I See Params From My Forms?
2010-02-08Another Fix for EMAIL not authorized to access APP
2010-02-07Using Formtastic Without ActiveRecord
2010-01-09When Coloring Hover Always Using Anchor CSS.
2009-11-30Plug A Security Hole in RubyGems By Mailing Ruby Install Dir ReadOnly!
2009-11-22How to Resolve Heroku's 'not authorized to access newname' Git error.
2009-11-21Scripting the Heroku Push
2009-10-25Most Efficient Food in Cafe World
2009-10-23Forest Options of ps Command
2009-10-21United States' Official Repository of Foreign Place-names (more entity extraction fun)
2009-10-16Names in Non-English Languages (continuing a theme)
2009-10-12Entity Extraction Links (also Named entity recognition)
2009-04-02Installing Ruby and RubyGems On Ubuntu 8.10
2009-03-14Using Rails Gem to Generate a New Project on Ubuntu
2009-01-05The --include-activation and --aasm parameters of the Restful Authentication Rails Plugin are mutually exclusive
2009-01-04Using the Visualize Models plugin
2009-01-04The Myth of the Hero Programmer
2009-01-01Avoiding the undefined method `use_transactional_fixtures=' error.
2009-01-01Adding RSPEC to a Rails Project
2008-10-16How is a Use Case Different From a User Story?
2008-10-08How do I restore and change gedit key assignments?
2008-10-05RCOV - Covering unit, integration, and functional testing in one analysis.
2008-09-29Advanced Rails Recipes - Chapter Two - The missing copy method.
2008-07-20JBoss Drools CLASSPATH Error; The Eclipse JDT Core jar is not in the classpath
2008-07-13Getting "Client.InvalidKeyPair.NotFound" Error With Selenium Grid
2008-07-12Using Capistrano to Bundle Amazon EC2 Images
2008-07-10Using SCP with Capistrano
2008-07-09Capistrano, ElasticFox & EC2
2008-07-06Captain Kirk Teaches SCRUM and Agile Development
2008-06-02Getting flickrfs to Work on Ubuntu Heron
2008-05-04Installation and Configuration of LocalSolr.
2008-04-30Struts Error/Exception: No getter method available for property name for bean under name
2008-04-22How to Format Dates in Ruby & Rails
2008-04-18Workaround For Minor Hibernate Bug - Blank hibernate.default_schema Property Adds Period
2008-04-09ActiveRecord Without Rails, Refined
2008-04-04How To Add a Datasource To Tomcat Server.XML File.
2008-03-27How to Display the Current Loadpath In Ruby
2008-02-03Ubuntu Sound not working on HP Pavillion dv9000 Using the ICH8 Family
2008-02-02Failed dependencies Message (glibc, libaio, /bin/sh) Installing Oracle XE on Ubuntu
2008-01-16How To Turn Off the Keyboard Beep in Fedora & Gnome
2008-01-01Set Mode Failed Invalid Argument for Wireless Linux Configuration
2007-12-03Super Simple Embedded Groovy
2007-11-13WARNING: Cound not start ClientFactory - FIXED!
2007-11-03Dynamic Datasource via Spring using HotSwappableTargetSource
2007-09-18Automatic Directory Creation via Spring Application Context File
2007-09-08Extracting Dependancy Lists from Maven POM Files
2007-08-07Super Simple JPA (also Super Simple EJB3)
2007-04-12The absolute uri: http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core cannot be resolved in either web.xml or the jar files deployed with this application
2007-02-15Unit Testing JPA (EJB3) Code With With an EntityListener.
2007-02-07portalDatasource Used By JBoss Seam Portal Example
2007-02-06Java Jar Files Used for JPA, PojoCache, and SEAM
2007-02-05Database Sequences Needed for JBoss Portal & Oracle
2006-12-22Using a Stored Procedure to Insert Records with Spring & Hibernate
2006-12-22Per-User Connection Pooling for Spring, Hibernate and Oracle VPD (Virtual Private Database)
2006-12-21Solving the "Second-level cache is not enabled" Exception
2006-11-08Apache Derby & WS-Resources
2006-10-31Embedded Tomcat 5.5.17 Eclipse Project
2006-10-31Embedded Tomcat; Fixing the 'No Java Compiler available' error.
2006-10-31Fixing the "No Java compiler available" Error When Running Embedded Tomcat
2006-10-26Running HttpServerTestApp as an Eclipse Project
2006-10-25Use CSS to Ensure Common Navigation HTML on Every Page
2006-10-08Using Composite Object For Hash Key Better Than Concatenated String
2006-10-08Using XML to Reduce Accidental Corruption
2006-09-15Tar File With All Linux From Scratch Source Packages
2006-06-29Spring; Hibernate; A Super Simple DAO Layer
2006-06-28Postgresql; Connecting to PostgreSQL from a remote client.
2006-06-28Ubuntu Disk Partition Sizes
2006-06-28Spring; BeanStoreDefinitionException; Fix for 'Unexpected failure during bean definition parsing'
2006-06-25Ubuntu, Oracle Installation: No response from /etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure
2006-06-19Spring; ApplicationContext, SqlUpdate: Configuring SqlUpdate Inside ApplicationContext.
2006-06-01Segmentation Fault Caused by /dev/zero Not Being Writable.
2006-04-23Getting Hibernate to Create Schema Creation SQL
2006-04-12Spring, Fluent APIs, and BeanInfo
2006-02-22Using IBMJCE Outside of Websphere
2006-02-07Selenium IDE Rocks!
2005-11-03Spring and RIFE; Creating Database Tables Together
2005-11-01Using UUID Values With RIFE CreateTable
2005-11-01Using RIFE CreateTable to Generate CREATE TABLE Sql
2005-11-01ActiveMapper - Using UUID Values for Primary Keys
2005-11-01ActiveMapper; Making Java DAO with Reflection and Spring
2005-10-31ACEGI Tutorial: An Example of Method-based Access Control and JUnit for Testing
2005-10-25ACEGI: An Example of When to Use AffirmativeBased (instead of UnanimousBased) Voting when Controlling Access to Methods
2005-10-21How Do I Create a Private Bean Using ACEGI?
2005-10-19NTEN One Day Conference - Answering the call - Lessons learned from the Global ICT responses
2005-09-07Using a CustomEditorConfigurer to Specify a Lucene FSDirectory Using Spring
2005-05-05Transaction Management Using Sonic XIS Server, Oracle, and Spring
2005-04-27Getting Spring to Work Inside Sonic XIS XML Server
2005-03-23World of Warcraft Website Uses Spring!
2004-07-15Java - Writing a Custom Web Server to Interpolate Velocity Templates.
2004-07-01Java; Using Flag Classes to Replace boolean values.
2004-05-28Custom Ant Task to Execute SQL DDL Statements And Ignoring Certain Errors.
2004-05-28Custom Ant Task to Throw BuildException if Specified Ant Property is Not Defined
2004-05-28Custom Ant Task to Add Column To Oracle Database Table
2004-05-28Documentation Error; Sonic XIS XML Database; Setting Address Size and Cache Size should be KB not MB.
2004-04-27Java, JDBC - How to Handle Exceptions and Errors When Closing, or Freeing, Database Resources
2004-04-26POI Optimization - eliminating trailing empty rows from an HSSFSheet.
2004-04-22POI Optimization - Speeding up org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.HSSFSheet.setPropertiesFromSheet()
2004-04-22POI Optimization - Speeding up org.apache.poi.hssf.record.BlankRecord.compareTo()
2004-04-22POI Optimization - Speeding up org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.HSSFRow.compareTo()
2004-04-22Java; POI Optimization - Speeding up the RecordFactory class.
2004-04-22Java; POI Optimization - Speeding up the RecordFactory class.
2004-04-22Java; Caching Short Objects
2004-04-21Catching Java Errors in the main() Method.
2004-04-08Optimization for JudoScript: JavaObject.pickMethod is an expensive call.
2004-04-08Optimization for JudoScript: JudoUtil.registerToBSF is an expensive method to call.
2004-04-05Jprobe Analysis Reduces Execution Time by 5%
2004-02-16An amazing phrase 'They asked for ammunition.'
2004-02-05Connecting to Sonic XIS from Ant Custom Task Using Java
2004-01-19Using External Jar Files In Your Custom Ant Task Classpath.
2004-01-13Using Castor and Java to List XPATHs Defined in an XML Schema.
2004-01-07java.lang.VerifyError & Sonic XIS Excelon
2003-12-03Getting Text from an XML CDATA_SECTION_NODE in Java.
2003-11-19Using JudoScript to Convert XML into Java HashMap.
2003-10-22Reading XML Files Using XSLT
2003-10-14Using synchronized in Java
2003-10-03Creating an Ant Task with Eclipse
2003-05-21A Simple Extensible Command-Line Interpreter in Java
2003-05-10Bordeaux Trip
2003-04-28Using Lucene for Role Based Access Control (or RBAC)
2003-04-24Lucene; Enhancement; The PrecedenceQuery Class.
2003-04-23Lucene; Bug; TestPhrasePrefixQuery in 2003.04.21 Build Has Misleading Code?
2003-04-22Examples for All of Lucene's Query Classes.
2003-04-21Erik Hatcher's Self-Contained Lucene Example
2003-04-14Faceted Classification
2003-03-31A ReadMe file for the Simplest Bean.
2003-03-21CodeBit: The Simplest Possible EJB for JBoss?
2003-03-11Online Book; Complete Text of 'Perl 5 by Example'
2003-03-10A HelloWorldServlet Generater - You pick the Eclipse Project Name
2003-03-08Example: Building an HelloWorld Servlet for Tomcat Using Eclipse
2003-03-04Why Use UUID Values?
2003-03-04What is Oracle's Mysterious MERGE Keyword for?
2003-03-04Is using JDBC's Prepared Class really faster than the Statement Class?
2003-03-04A Java Implementation of the Nested Tree Model
2003-03-04Best Practice; Ant; Always Have a Versions Task
2003-03-04A Reference Data Framework Using Java Data Objects (JDO)
2003-03-04An Example of Object Persistence (or Prevalence) Using Prevayler
2003-03-03How Can I Update All CPAN Perl Modules At Once?
2003-03-03How to Demote a Domain Controller Using Microsoft Windows 2000?
2003-03-03Sorting Arrays With Numbers Using Perl
2003-03-03Reading a whole file into a scalar Using Perl
2003-03-03How Do I Store Text in the Windows Clipboard Using JavaScript?
2003-03-03How do I Reset the Root password of MySQL Using Linux?
2003-03-03How do I Set the CLASSPATH Variable Using Linux?
2003-03-03How to Redirect to New URL Using JavaScript?
2003-03-02How Do I Load An Image and Determine Height and Width Using Java?
2003-03-02How Can I Improve the I/O Speed for System.out.println Using Java?
2003-03-01How to Find the Parent Frame of a Component Using Java
2003-03-01Using Perl to Generate a Table of Contents for HTML Pages
2003-03-01How to Reduce HTML Size Yet Still Use Long Style Names Using ColdFusion
2003-03-01Making ColdFusion Modules More Secure
2003-03-01How Do I Prevent a Page From Caching in the Browser Using ColdFusion?
2003-03-01How Do I Clear a CachedWithin Query Using ColdFusion?
2003-03-01How to Unset or Undefine Environment Variables Using Perl
2003-03-01Using Perl to Process HTML Form Information
2003-03-01Sorting Perl Hashes by Keys and by Values
2003-03-01Using Hashes in Bash Scripts
2003-02-06Java; Struts Validator; How to Create Field Groups in the Validation XML Files
2003-02-06Java Struts Validator How To Create
2003-01-24Ant; An Example of The Ant Condition Task
2003-01-23Rational ClearCase; Java; a utlity to recursively add files to ClearCase.
2003-01-13Pasting From MS Word Results in Weird Characters
2003-01-10Toggling Background Color When Checkbox is Checked
2003-01-10How to set the root cause when throwing an exception
2003-01-09An Example Using NamingEnumeration to Find JBOSS JNDI Names
2002-12-14Distributing Proofreading for Project Gutenberg
2002-12-09CFMX and Java Servlet Integration
2002-11-30Compiling the Jakarta Validator in Eclipse
2002-06-03How to Delete Duplicate Records Using Oracle's Rank Function
2001-12-14How to Find and Execute All JUnit Tests in a Directory Hierarchy
2001-11-29JudoScript - a Dynamic Form of Java
2001-11-28How to Parse XML Using Oracle And PLSQL
2001-11-19Unspsc Codes Are Four Sets Of Two
2001-11-16Java JDBC Metadata Holds Query Column Names
2001-11-15More Time Studies Today Using Jdbc To
2001-11-14Java Oracle Stored Procedure Processing XML
2001-11-14Sql To Find Number Of Potential Open
2001-11-13Spent Two Hours At Northern Virginia
2001-11-13My First Entry