How I Update To A New Version of Accumulo In Development There may be a better technique.

cd /usr/local
tar xvfz /tmp/accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT-dist.tar.gz
mv accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT_`date +%Y_%m_%d`

# Copy the old configuration
cp $ACCUMULO_HOME/conf/* accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT_`date +%Y_%m_%d`/conf

chown -R accumulo:accumulo accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT_`date +%Y_%m_%d`

# Switch the symbolic link to the new directory.
ln -s accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT_`date +%Y_%m_%d` accumulo

sudo su - accumulo
mkdir logs
mkdir walogs