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Part I: Basic Perl

01-Getting Your Feet Wet

02-Numeric and String Literals





07-Control Statements


Part II: Intermediate Perl

09-Using Files

10-Regular Expressions

11-Creating Reports

Part III: Advanced Perl

12-Using Special Variables

13-Handling Errors and Signals

14-What Are Objects?

15-Perl Modules

16-Debugging Perl

17-Command line Options

Part IV: Perl and the Internet

18-Using Internet Protocols

19-What is CGI?

20-Form Processing

21-Using Perl with Web Servers

22-Internet Resources


A-Review Questions


C-Function List

D-The Windows Registry

E-What's On the CD?


Welcome to Perl 5 by Example
by David Medinets

Reading Perl 5 by Example is the easiest way to learn Perl! Teach yourself Internet programming and CGI scripting.

Jump right into Perl with Chapter 1, "Getting Your Feet Wet", or read the beginning materials below and the introduction chapter.

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The online version of this book is being continually updated to fix errata and to add value in other ways. If you have suggestions, please send mail to David Medinets.

This book is based on the learn-by-doing principle because I believe that simply reading about some subjects isn't enough. After all, you don't read about putting together a jigsaw puzzle, you put the puzzle together yourself! Programming is the same way. You must actually run some programs in order to really understand the concepts.

Perl 5 by Example teaches you how to use the Perl programming language by showing examples that demonstrate the concepts being discussed. The examples are designed to give you a chance to experiment-which in turn should clarify the material.

- excerpt from the Introduction


To my wife, Kathryn - David

About the Author

David Medinets has been programming since 1980, when he starting with a TRS-80 Model 1. He still fondly remembers the days when he could cross-wire the keyboard to create funny-looking characters on the display. Since those days, he has spent time debugging Emacs on UNIX machines, working on VAXen, and messing around with DOS microcomputers. David is married to Kathryn and lives in Northwest New Jersey. He runs Eclectic Consulting and has co-authored Special Edition, Using Lotus Notes Release 4 (Que), Special Edition, Using Turbo C++ 4.5 for Windows (Que), Microsoft Office 95 Unleashed (SAMS), and Visual Basic Unleashed (SAMS) among others. David can be reached at


I'd like to thank all of the people at Que for making this book possible. You'll find their names listed on the Credits page so I won't list them all here. Susan Ross Moore deserves special thanks for figuratively watching over my shoulder as I worked. Her comments definitely made this a better book. Al Valvano was instrumental in making sure that everything came together at the proper time.

My wonderful wife deserves some thanks for letting me hang out on the Internet at all hours of the day and night while I did research for this book.

While writing this book, I have gleaned information from many books, articles, and web resources. Where a particular item greatly influenced my thinking, I have given credit in the appropriate section.

Dale Bewley helped to create Chapter 19, "What is CGI?" - Thanks Dale!

And, of course, no Perl author should forget to thank: Larry Wall for creating Perl in the first place; Tom Christiansen for his remarkable contributions to the Perl community; and Randal Schwartz for his Learning Perl book which every Perl programmer seems to have read.

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David Medinets

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In addition to exploring our forum, please feel free to contact me personally to discuss your opinions of this book: I'm 74671,3710 on CompuServe, and on the Internet.

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