I wanted a way to test the very latest Accumulo code. I could not use any of my existing systems because they were multi-use boxes. So I wrote a Stackscript in order to prepare a Linode server. Note that this script pulls a few files from my affy.com server for simplicity.
Users: hadoop, zookeeper, accumulo
Password: password

This stackscript downloads, installs and configures hadoop, zookeeper, and accumulo.

Step one is to create your own stackscript. Mine was called "InitializeAccumulo". The idea is that the starter script pulls the actual script from some server so that you don't need to deal with the 'Manage Stackscript' interface. The starter script is:
wget http://www.affy.com/linode_build/stackscript -O /tmp/stackscript.sh
chmod +x /tmp/stackscript.sh

After the Linode server boots, it will take about 10 minutes to run this script.

Get the latest copy of the stackscript from https://github.com/medined/accumulo_stackscript.

It's now possible to grab the whole project and then run the stackscript manually.