While working to get one of my projects working under Ubunu Linux which was working under Windows, I ran into the following error:

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionStoreException: Error ' element

for property 'location' is only allowed to contain either 'ref' attribute OR 'value'
attribute OR sub-element' in resource'class path resource [applicationContext.xml]'
at: Bean 'propertyConfigurer'</pre>

The error was definitely wrong since the XML file hadn't changed between the two OSes.

The problem was that I was using GNU's Java v1.4 instead of Sun's Java v1.5. I don't know if it was GNU vs Sun or v1.4 vs v1.5 that was the real problem. But switching to Sun Java v1.5 made Spring work which is good enough for me.

Oh... one quick note. Don't simply copy your Windows JDK directory to Linux and expect it to work. Download the Linux version from Javasoft. I installed mine to /usr/local.