To gain a searchable set of pages that represent the bookmarks that I have collected over the years.


I had over 100 bookmarks and had no idea what most of them were. I haven’t looked at them, ever. But I do use Obsidian to organize research topics and write. I thought it would be useful if I could turn those unused bookmarks into searchable page.

Each page would include at least a summary and categories.

This script was created for my own use. Therefore there is not a lot of documentation. If you need help with anything, please create an issue.

The script ignores URLS that contain: [‘docs.google’, ‘reddit’, ‘slack’, ‘twitter’]. Each one would require a different approach and I did not need them. If you do, create an issue to discuss your needs or create a pull request with your approach.

GitHub Link

https://github.com/medined/bookish-fortnight - see example Obsidan pages here.


I wanted a process that ran locally so that no cost was incurred. In order to enable this, I used Ollama and the solar LLM. I tried other large language models but solar seemed to produce the best results.

You need to have Ollama installed locally as well as runnning inside the container. The Ollama inside the container is a server responding to the code’s API calls.


I used a container to run Ollama. Since I already had docker installed, this seemed like the best approach.


See the readme in the project.