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2012-06-14Where Are the XSSF POI Classes?
2011-06-17Detecting Unsorted Spring Beans
2008-07-20JBoss Drools CLASSPATH Error; The Eclipse JDT Core jar is not in the classpath
2008-05-04Installation and Configuration of LocalSolr.
2008-04-30Struts Error/Exception: No getter method available for property name for bean under name
2008-04-18Workaround For Minor Hibernate Bug - Blank hibernate.default_schema Property Adds Period
2008-04-04How To Add a Datasource To Tomcat Server.XML File.
2007-12-03Super Simple Embedded Groovy
2007-11-13WARNING: Cound not start ClientFactory - FIXED!
2007-11-03Dynamic Datasource via Spring using HotSwappableTargetSource
2007-09-18Automatic Directory Creation via Spring Application Context File
2007-09-08Extracting Dependancy Lists from Maven POM Files
2007-08-07Super Simple JPA (also Super Simple EJB3)
2007-04-12The absolute uri: http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core cannot be resolved in either web.xml or the jar files deployed with this application
2007-02-15Unit Testing JPA (EJB3) Code With With an EntityListener.
2007-02-07portalDatasource Used By JBoss Seam Portal Example
2007-02-06Java Jar Files Used for JPA, PojoCache, and SEAM
2007-02-05Database Sequences Needed for JBoss Portal & Oracle
2006-12-22Using a Stored Procedure to Insert Records with Spring & Hibernate
2006-12-22Per-User Connection Pooling for Spring, Hibernate and Oracle VPD (Virtual Private Database)
2006-12-21Solving the "Second-level cache is not enabled" Exception
2006-10-31Embedded Tomcat 5.5.17 Eclipse Project
2006-10-31Embedded Tomcat; Fixing the 'No Java Compiler available' error.
2006-10-31Fixing the "No Java compiler available" Error When Running Embedded Tomcat
2006-10-26Running HttpServerTestApp as an Eclipse Project
2006-10-08Using Composite Object For Hash Key Better Than Concatenated String
2006-06-29Spring; Hibernate; A Super Simple DAO Layer
2006-06-28Spring; BeanStoreDefinitionException; Fix for 'Unexpected failure during bean definition parsing'
2006-06-19Spring; ApplicationContext, SqlUpdate: Configuring SqlUpdate Inside ApplicationContext.
2006-06-01Segmentation Fault Caused by /dev/zero Not Being Writable.
2006-04-23Getting Hibernate to Create Schema Creation SQL
2006-04-12Spring, Fluent APIs, and BeanInfo
2006-02-22Using IBMJCE Outside of Websphere
2005-11-03Spring and RIFE; Creating Database Tables Together
2005-11-01Using UUID Values With RIFE CreateTable
2005-11-01Using RIFE CreateTable to Generate CREATE TABLE Sql
2005-11-01ActiveMapper - Using UUID Values for Primary Keys
2005-11-01ActiveMapper; Making Java DAO with Reflection and Spring
2005-10-31ACEGI Tutorial: An Example of Method-based Access Control and JUnit for Testing
2005-10-25ACEGI: An Example of When to Use AffirmativeBased (instead of UnanimousBased) Voting when Controlling Access to Methods
2005-10-21How Do I Create a Private Bean Using ACEGI?
2005-09-07Using a CustomEditorConfigurer to Specify a Lucene FSDirectory Using Spring
2005-05-05Transaction Management Using Sonic XIS Server, Oracle, and Spring
2005-04-27Getting Spring to Work Inside Sonic XIS XML Server
2005-03-23World of Warcraft Website Uses Spring!
2004-07-15Java - Writing a Custom Web Server to Interpolate Velocity Templates.
2004-07-01Java; Using Flag Classes to Replace boolean values.
2004-05-28Custom Ant Task to Execute SQL DDL Statements And Ignoring Certain Errors.
2004-05-28Custom Ant Task to Throw BuildException if Specified Ant Property is Not Defined
2004-05-28Custom Ant Task to Add Column To Oracle Database Table
2004-04-27Java, JDBC - How to Handle Exceptions and Errors When Closing, or Freeing, Database Resources
2004-04-26POI Optimization - eliminating trailing empty rows from an HSSFSheet.
2004-04-22POI Optimization - Speeding up org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.HSSFSheet.setPropertiesFromSheet()
2004-04-22POI Optimization - Speeding up org.apache.poi.hssf.record.BlankRecord.compareTo()
2004-04-22POI Optimization - Speeding up org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.HSSFRow.compareTo()
2004-04-22Java; POI Optimization - Speeding up the RecordFactory class.
2004-04-22Java; POI Optimization - Speeding up the RecordFactory class.
2004-04-22Java; Caching Short Objects
2004-04-21Catching Java Errors in the main() Method.
2004-04-08Optimization for JudoScript: JavaObject.pickMethod is an expensive call.
2004-04-08Optimization for JudoScript: JudoUtil.registerToBSF is an expensive method to call.
2004-04-05Jprobe Analysis Reduces Execution Time by 5%
2004-02-05Connecting to Sonic XIS from Ant Custom Task Using Java
2004-01-19Using External Jar Files In Your Custom Ant Task Classpath.
2004-01-13Using Castor and Java to List XPATHs Defined in an XML Schema.
2004-01-07java.lang.VerifyError & Sonic XIS Excelon
2003-12-03Getting Text from an XML CDATA_SECTION_NODE in Java.
2003-11-19Using JudoScript to Convert XML into Java HashMap.
2003-10-14Using synchronized in Java
2003-10-03Creating an Ant Task with Eclipse
2003-05-21A Simple Extensible Command-Line Interpreter in Java
2003-04-28Using Lucene for Role Based Access Control (or RBAC)
2003-04-24Lucene; Enhancement; The PrecedenceQuery Class.
2003-04-23Lucene; Bug; TestPhrasePrefixQuery in 2003.04.21 Build Has Misleading Code?
2003-04-22Examples for All of Lucene's Query Classes.
2003-04-21Erik Hatcher's Self-Contained Lucene Example
2003-03-31A ReadMe file for the Simplest Bean.
2003-03-21CodeBit: The Simplest Possible EJB for JBoss?
2003-03-10A HelloWorldServlet Generater - You pick the Eclipse Project Name
2003-03-08Example: Building an HelloWorld Servlet for Tomcat Using Eclipse
2003-03-04Is using JDBC's Prepared Class really faster than the Statement Class?
2003-03-04A Java Implementation of the Nested Tree Model
2003-03-04A Reference Data Framework Using Java Data Objects (JDO)
2003-03-04An Example of Object Persistence (or Prevalence) Using Prevayler
2003-03-03How to Redirect to New URL Using JavaScript?
2003-03-02How Do I Load An Image and Determine Height and Width Using Java?
2003-03-02How Can I Improve the I/O Speed for System.out.println Using Java?
2003-03-01How to Find the Parent Frame of a Component Using Java
2003-02-06Java; Struts Validator; How to Create Field Groups in the Validation XML Files
2003-01-23Rational ClearCase; Java; a utlity to recursively add files to ClearCase.
2003-01-10How to set the root cause when throwing an exception
2003-01-09An Example Using NamingEnumeration to Find JBOSS JNDI Names
2002-12-09CFMX and Java Servlet Integration
2002-11-30Compiling the Jakarta Validator in Eclipse
2001-12-14How to Find and Execute All JUnit Tests in a Directory Hierarchy
2001-11-29JudoScript - a Dynamic Form of Java
2001-11-16Java JDBC Metadata Holds Query Column Names
2001-11-15More Time Studies Today Using Jdbc To
2001-11-14Java Oracle Stored Procedure Processing XML