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Dec 22Using a Stored Procedure to Insert Records with Spring & Hibernate
Dec 22Per-User Connection Pooling for Spring, Hibernate and Oracle VPD (Virtual Private Database)
Dec 21Solving the "Second-level cache is not enabled" Exception
Nov 22pericentury
Nov 08Apache Derby & WS-Resources
Oct 31Embedded Tomcat 5.5.17 Eclipse Project
Oct 31Embedded Tomcat; Fixing the 'No Java Compiler available' error.
Oct 31Fixing the "No Java compiler available" Error When Running Embedded Tomcat
Oct 26Running HttpServerTestApp as an Eclipse Project
Oct 25Use CSS to Ensure Common Navigation HTML on Every Page
Oct 08Using Composite Object For Hash Key Better Than Concatenated String
Oct 08Using XML to Reduce Accidental Corruption
Sep 15Tar File With All Linux From Scratch Source Packages
Jun 29Spring; Hibernate; A Super Simple DAO Layer
Jun 28Postgresql; Connecting to PostgreSQL from a remote client.
Jun 28Ubuntu Disk Partition Sizes
Jun 28Spring; BeanStoreDefinitionException; Fix for 'Unexpected failure during bean definition parsing'
Jun 25Ubuntu, Oracle Installation: No response from /etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure
Jun 19Spring; ApplicationContext, SqlUpdate: Configuring SqlUpdate Inside ApplicationContext.
Jun 01Segmentation Fault Caused by /dev/zero Not Being Writable.
Apr 23Getting Hibernate to Create Schema Creation SQL
Apr 12Spring, Fluent APIs, and BeanInfo
Feb 22Using IBMJCE Outside of Websphere
Feb 07Selenium IDE Rocks!