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08/07/2007: Super Simple JPA (also Super Simple EJB3)

Several months ago, I wrote a Super Simple Hibernate entry. Several people have asked me to write the same kind of entry to help them get started with JPA. This entry is the result.

The Super Simple JPA project allows you to ensure that your development environment is configured properly to run JPA applications – outside of any J2EE container.

If you don't want to download all of these support applications, wait a few days and I'll have a version that uses Maven to automate the process.

Follow these steps to get your Super Simple JPA (EJB3) project working:

  1. Download Hibernate 3.2 to C:\data\support\hibernate-3.2.
  2. Download Hibernate Annotations 3.3.0 GA to C:\data\support\hibernate-annotations-3.3.0.GA.
  3. Download Hibernate EntityManager 3.3.1 GA to C:\data\support\hibernate-entitymanager-3.3.1.GA.
  4. Download Commons Beanutils to C:\data\support\commons-beanutils-1.7.0.
  5. Download Commons Digester to C:\data\support\commons-digester-1.8.
  6. Download Commons Collections to C:\data\support\commons-collections-3.2.
  7. Download JUnit to C:\data\support\junit4.4.
  8. Download Hypersonic to C:\data\support\hsqldb.
  9. Extract the contents of SuperSimpleJPA.zip to c:\data\workspaces.
  10. Run the DatabasePlay utility. Its output, ignoring the debug messages, should be:
            (id, name)
            (null, ?)
        call identity()
    person id: 1
    person id: 0
    person id: 1


Hibernate (Core, Annotations, EntityManager) Hypersonic JUnit

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