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Nov 22How to Resolve Heroku's 'not authorized to access newname' Git error.
Nov 21Scripting the Heroku Push
Oct 25Most Efficient Food in Cafe World
Oct 23Forest Options of ps Command
Oct 21United States' Official Repository of Foreign Place-names (more entity extraction fun)
Oct 16Names in Non-English Languages (continuing a theme)
Oct 12Entity Extraction Links (also Named entity recognition)
Apr 02Installing Ruby and RubyGems On Ubuntu 8.10
Mar 14Using Rails Gem to Generate a New Project on Ubuntu
Jan 05The --include-activation and --aasm parameters of the Restful Authentication Rails Plugin are mutually exclusive
Jan 04Using the Visualize Models plugin
Jan 04The Myth of the Hero Programmer
Jan 01Avoiding the undefined method `use_transactional_fixtures=' error.
Jan 01Adding RSPEC to a Rails Project