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Nov 03Spring and RIFE; Creating Database Tables Together
Nov 01Using UUID Values With RIFE CreateTable
Nov 01Using RIFE CreateTable to Generate CREATE TABLE Sql
Nov 01ActiveMapper - Using UUID Values for Primary Keys
Nov 01ActiveMapper; Making Java DAO with Reflection and Spring
Oct 31ACEGI Tutorial: An Example of Method-based Access Control and JUnit for Testing
Oct 25ACEGI: An Example of When to Use AffirmativeBased (instead of UnanimousBased) Voting when Controlling Access to Methods
Oct 21How Do I Create a Private Bean Using ACEGI?
Oct 19NTEN One Day Conference - Answering the call - Lessons learned from the Global ICT responses
Sep 07Using a CustomEditorConfigurer to Specify a Lucene FSDirectory Using Spring
May 05Transaction Management Using Sonic XIS Server, Oracle, and Spring
Apr 27Getting Spring to Work Inside Sonic XIS XML Server
Mar 23World of Warcraft Website Uses Spring!