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Dec 03Getting Text from an XML CDATA_SECTION_NODE in Java.
Nov 19Using JudoScript to Convert XML into Java HashMap.
Oct 22Reading XML Files Using XSLT
Oct 14Using synchronized in Java
Oct 03Creating an Ant Task with Eclipse
May 21A Simple Extensible Command-Line Interpreter in Java
May 10Bordeaux Trip
Apr 28Using Lucene for Role Based Access Control (or RBAC)
Apr 24Lucene; Enhancement; The PrecedenceQuery Class.
Apr 23Lucene; Bug; TestPhrasePrefixQuery in 2003.04.21 Build Has Misleading Code?
Apr 22Examples for All of Lucene's Query Classes.
Apr 21Erik Hatcher's Self-Contained Lucene Example
Apr 14Faceted Classification
Mar 31A ReadMe file for the Simplest Bean.
Mar 21CodeBit: The Simplest Possible EJB for JBoss?
Mar 11Online Book; Complete Text of 'Perl 5 by Example'
Mar 10A HelloWorldServlet Generater - You pick the Eclipse Project Name
Mar 08Example: Building an HelloWorld Servlet for Tomcat Using Eclipse
Mar 04Why Use UUID Values?
Mar 04What is Oracle's Mysterious MERGE Keyword for?
Mar 04Is using JDBC's Prepared Class really faster than the Statement Class?
Mar 04A Java Implementation of the Nested Tree Model
Mar 04Best Practice; Ant; Always Have a Versions Task
Mar 04A Reference Data Framework Using Java Data Objects (JDO)
Mar 04An Example of Object Persistence (or Prevalence) Using Prevayler
Mar 03How Can I Update All CPAN Perl Modules At Once?
Mar 03How to Demote a Domain Controller Using Microsoft Windows 2000?
Mar 03Sorting Arrays With Numbers Using Perl
Mar 03Reading a whole file into a scalar Using Perl
Mar 03How Do I Store Text in the Windows Clipboard Using JavaScript?
Mar 03How do I Reset the Root password of MySQL Using Linux?
Mar 03How do I Set the CLASSPATH Variable Using Linux?
Mar 03How to Redirect to New URL Using JavaScript?
Mar 02How Do I Load An Image and Determine Height and Width Using Java?
Mar 02How Can I Improve the I/O Speed for System.out.println Using Java?
Mar 01How to Find the Parent Frame of a Component Using Java
Mar 01Using Perl to Generate a Table of Contents for HTML Pages
Mar 01How to Reduce HTML Size Yet Still Use Long Style Names Using ColdFusion
Mar 01Making ColdFusion Modules More Secure
Mar 01How Do I Prevent a Page From Caching in the Browser Using ColdFusion?
Mar 01How Do I Clear a CachedWithin Query Using ColdFusion?
Mar 01How to Unset or Undefine Environment Variables Using Perl
Mar 01Using Perl to Process HTML Form Information
Mar 01Sorting Perl Hashes by Keys and by Values
Mar 01Using Hashes in Bash Scripts
Feb 06Java; Struts Validator; How to Create Field Groups in the Validation XML Files
Jan 24Ant; An Example of The Ant Condition Task
Jan 23Rational ClearCase; Java; a utlity to recursively add files to ClearCase.
Jan 13Pasting From MS Word Results in Weird Characters
Jan 10Toggling Background Color When Checkbox is Checked
Jan 10How to set the root cause when throwing an exception
Jan 09An Example Using NamingEnumeration to Find JBOSS JNDI Names